Filtration Equipment
rent or buy

Different horses for courses there are many factors which need consideration when responding to filtration related challenges or implementing an effective filtration plan. System dynamics, contaminant types, application conditions all need to be clearly understood to choose the most effective Filtration technology and unit type.

FPES will do the heavy lifting for you, evaluate your situation, recommend the best solution for initial contamination control & ongoing prevention. 

FPES FluidCare™ program has a range of filtration units & technologies to buy or hire, we have also partnered with leading companies for specialist filtration solutions.

It’s important to get advice early.

Address your current filtration concerns & also give consideration to future needs.

Make an informed decision with solid advice, maximise the result for your budget and ongoing requirements.

Considerations when selecting Filtration systems

System characteristics – operating temperature, oil viscosity, oil type, soluble v’s insoluble content, contamination type, contamination levels, flow rates, pressure differential, system design etc.

Application conditions – accessibility, scheduled outage, online v’s offline, system layout & design

Various filtration technologies –  Depth v’s Flow filtration, media based, coalescing, centrifugal, vacuum dehydration, BCA technology, transformer dryout etc.

Cost of ownership – budget, initial outlay, consumables v’s savings

Technical Support – education, training

You can browse our range of  filtration units or if you prefer to start with some great advice contact our FluidCare™ team on 1300 PURIFY or