P1 PD Piston Pump
P1 PD Piston Pump
Compact, Quite & Efficient Pumps for Mobile & Industrial Use


Parker P1/PD series pumps increase productivity with full power through drive capability and a fast and stable response. The pumps high operating efficiency and optional torque limiter equate lower electricity /fuel costs. With simple hydraulic controls and fewer parts, P1/PD pumps are service friendly and easy to maintain.

Compact size and superior design flexibility of the P1/PD Series provides mobile and industrial equipment designers with a greater number of mounting options.

Ideal for optimum performance in medium pressure mobile (P1) and industrial (PD) applications.

Boasting a wider range of control and input speeds, the series is available in displacements of 18, 28, 45, 60, 75, 100 and 140cc and is rated for operation at pressures up to 4000psi continuous and 5000 psi peak.

Integrate P1/PD with smart technology to optimize hydraulic performance. The Parker P1/PD series integrates with a variety of electronic control options, allowing pumps to provide precise and long-lasting performance in a diverse range of applications.

Improved working environment 

  • Low-noise nine piston design 
  • ‘Ripple Chamber’ for reducing pressure pulsations and improving overall noise level 

Long Life and reliability 

  • Rugged hydrostatic cradle-bearing design 
  • Tapered roller shaft bearings to improve pump life
  • High temperature capability 
  • Lowest viscosity capability 

Increased Productivity 

  • Proportional electronic controls to provide flow on demand 
  • Large stroking pistons for fast and stable response 
  • Full power through-drive capability 
  • O-ring seals to eliminate external leaks at adjustment screws 

 Ease of Service 

  • Simple hydraulic controls with ‘no leak’ adjustments 
  • Spring-loaded shoe hold down 
  • Compact size for small space applications 

 Design Flexibility 

  • Case drain port for horizontal or vertical shaft-up mounting 
  • Optional maximum and minimum volume stops 
  • Smallest envelope size 
  • Wide range of controls 

Compatibility and Compliance 

  • SAE, ISO and BSPP standard mounting flanges and ports 
  • End or side inlet and outlet ports for flexible installation 

Parker P1/PD series pumps operate at the highest total efficiency and serve a diverse range of markets including; 

  • Mining 
  • Oil & Gas 
  • Forestry 
  • Construction 
  • Power Generation
  • Recycling 
  • Military 
  • Industrial  
  • Utility 
  • Material Handling