Sterling Check Valves
Sterling Check Valves
Major Distributor


FPES are Parker’s Major Australian distributor for the Sterling Hydraulics range of valves.

Hydraulic valves that enable and improve industrial and mobile machinery performance.  We provide innovative components and complete systems to customers worldwide, while partnering with customers to improve their productivity and profitability.

Parker’s poppet and ball style check valves have a simple and robust design which are used to block flow in one direction, and allow flow in the opposite. 

Capable of flows from 3.5 to 303 lpm (0.9 to 80 gpm) and pressure as high as 420 bar (6,000 psi)


Since check valves and shuttles are fairly simple components, there are very few options. Here are the standard options you will find.

  • Seal – You should match the seal compatibility to the temperature and fluid being used in your application. Majority of products are available in Nitrile or Flurocarbon seals.
  • Crack Pressure – defined as the minimum amount of pressure required to unseat the poppet.
  • Pilot Piston Seal – option to place a seal on the piston to reduce leak

Integrated Hydraulic Circuits advantage: 

  • Reduce the number of fittings, hoses and couplings 
  • Optimize and reduce components used 
  • Allow fewer leakage points 
  • Consume less space
  • Provide simplified assembly and service
  • Create a complete system solution with optimized functions
  • Allow you to flange one or more directional valves as well as pumps, cylinders, motors and filters. 

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