Custom Cylinders
Custom Cylinders


FPES have extensive experience in design and manufacture of custom industrial grade hydraulic cylinders/ hydraulic rams, to your specification. With end-to-end inhouse manufacturing capabilities, we can 3D Model, design, create and install custom cylinder solutions bespoke for your application.

In addition to machining new cylinders, we provide full repair service, remanufacture, reverse engineering of existing systems.

  • Our range includes;
  • Standard Cylinders
  • Welded Cylinders
  • Threaded/Welded Cylinders
  • Mill Type
  • Top-link Cylinders
  • Telescopic/Multistage Cylinders
  • Single & double acting
  • Position Sensing
    Cushioned – adjustable and fixed
  • High pressure cylinders
  • Construction grade cylinders
  • Technical Data:
  • Up to 5000 psi
  • Options:
  • Position sensing options
  • Induction hardened rods
  • Special anodized finishes for harsh environments
  • Nickel plating for increased corrosion resistance
  • Custom bore size
  • Custom strokes
  • Custom mounting solutions
  • Valve integration
  • Benefit from our application knowledge & experience
  • Design modifications
  • Custom finish options
  • One source supply
  • Quality standards
  • Local manufacturer & supply
  • Ongoing repair and maintenance support