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Our capabilities, quality craftsmanship, quick turnaround & communication are all key to delivering a reliable service & being a dependable service partner

FPES has cemented its position in the market & earned a reputation for excellence as the benchmark leader in Hydraulic Service Solutions. We offer a wealth of experience & expertise across a full range of hydraulic systems & applications.

FPES PowerHouse

Through our extensive experience with rotating equipment, HV assets, filtration, engineering and hydraulics across key industries, such as mining, resources & energy, oil & gas and marine sectors we can manage & deliver value driven solutions to meet or exceed your needs.

Woodward Component MRO

FPES are Authorised Service Partners for Woodward components ranging from mechanical governors through to CPC II and Varistroke-I.  Woodward equipment?  We can assist with your service and overhaul requirements.

Woodward DLE Valve Skid MRO

FPES are experienced in overhauling fuel metering skids from DLE aero-derivative gas turbine applications.  We perform this work in our Wetherill Park facility and are proud to be supporting the Australian market by keeping this work local.

Hydraulic & Mechanical MRO

FPES are recognised specialists in hydraulic and mechanical maintenance and MRO.  We work with many blue-chip clients in Australia and beyond, keeping critical assets operational.  We have a strong focus on predictive maintenance, to save clients time and money.

Filtration Services

Whether it’s a hydraulic system, turbine application or indeed a transformer; FPES have a solution.  We have decades of experience in this field and have developed further through strong industry collaborations.

Hydraulic Power Units

Our team of engineers is well balanced in that we have years of experience as well as young and enthusiastic personnel who thrive on designing products and systems which push the envelope and utilise the latest in technology, bringing on-going benefits to our clients.

Automation & IoT

FPES have successfully combined mechanical and electrical disciplines to deliver a solution offering which takes client applications to the next level.  We don’t innovate for the sake of it; we innovate to bring real life benefits to our loyal clients.

Transformer Filtration

Working with industry leaders, Trojan Dry Out Systems, FPES provide specialist advice and service on how to keep your Tx clean, dry and operational.  We consider safety, low operational cost and asset life extension to be critical.

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