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Custom Cylinders

FPES have extensive experience in design and manufacture of custom industrial grade hydraulic cylinders/ hydraulic rams, to your specification. With end-to-end inhouse manufacturing capabilities, we can 3D Model, design, create and install custom cylinder solutions bespoke for your application.

In addition to machining new cylinders, we provide full repair service, remanufacture, reverse engineering of existing systems.

Heavy Duty Industrial Parker 2H 3H Series

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders, tie rod style Series 2H/2HD & Series 3H/3HD, and non-tie rod Series 2HB/3HB set the standard for performance, durability and trouble-free operation with superior design and quality to ensure long cylinder service life. Parker Series 2H/3H Gen II Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders set the standard for performance, durability, and trouble free operation. Parker’s superior design, the use of high quality materials and stringent manufacturing practices provide all customers with long cylinder service life and reduced operating costs.

Hydraulic Motor – PGM505

Parker’s 505 series fixed displacement gear motors offer cost effective, high power density due to their aluminum, bushing block construction, making them ideal in a broad selection of markets such as Material

Handling, Agriculture, Turf, as well as a variety of Industrial Applications. They are available as single or multisection motors.

P1 PD Piston Pump

Parker P1/PD series pumps increase productivity with full power through drive capability and a fast and stable response. The pumps high operating efficiency and optional torque limiter equate lower electricity /fuel costs. With simple hydraulic controls and fewer parts, P1/PD pumps are service friendly and easy to maintain.

Compact size and superior design flexibility of the P1/PD Series provides mobile and industrial equipment designers with a greater number of mounting options.

Stainless Steel Pencyl Cylinders

An exclusive range of 316 Stainless Steel cylinders with bore sizes of 10, 16, 20 and 25mm. Applications to date are in the nuclear, offshore, food and chemical industries where high performance in remote and corrosive environments is required.

Sterling Check Valves

FPES are Parker’s Major Australian distributor for the Sterling Hydraulics range of valves.

Hydraulic valves that enable and improve industrial and mobile machinery performance.  We provide innovative components and complete systems to customers worldwide, while partnering with customers to improve their productivity and profitability.

Parker’s poppet and ball style check valves have a simple and robust design which are used to block flow in one direction, and allow flow in the opposite. 

Showing all 6 results